Sortan Melaryn

Lord to the Silver Tower


Sortan Melaryin is the Lord of Zirnalaen, which he rules from an ancient artifice known as the Silver Tower. He is a close ally of Seven, and the lover of Ronah.


Sortan Melaryn is a drow of some renown, primarily for being one of the few drow in the Federation as well as one of its lords. After defeating an evil warlord, known as The Master, in a place known as the Silver Palace, King Arandrassil granted him the castle, with its surrounding lands, as his own. Sortan nominated his cohort and lover, Ronah, as High General of his new kingdom, which he called Zirnalaen, and together they began their quest to purge the land of the darkness.

Season Two

After revealing that he had annexed Horgar’s duergar hometown, naming it Azamaraen in memory of Horgar and in recognition of his own, Sortan revealed more disturbing news to the Federation Lords: ghouls were amassing at the city gates, and they were asking to speak with Sortan in person.

Sortan led his companions to Azamaraen to meet with the ghouls, hoping to enlist them against One’s armies. There he was reunited, in a manner unforeseen, with Thali – and Horgar’s body.

Sortan asked the ghouls to remain in Azamaraen to protect it, and took the bulk of his army back to the surface. He then confronted Draven about the history of distrust and half-truths and lies between him and the other Lords of the Federation. Sortan was lenient to the fetchling, but warned him to be honest with them in the future.

Sortan fought with the Federation during the Battle of the Isle of the Dreaming Jungle, leading his army in the fighting to storm the Shadow Gate.

Sortan Melaryn

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