Season 3 Episode 8

Belorin had abandoned the party following the vision. To leave the pocket dimension, Draven summoned a planar ally – a skeletal demon – with whom he made a deal to leave the demi-plane: to grant the demon the soul of an “experienced” person.

In Draven’s kingdom, word came of an orcish army marching from the coast to Zirnalaen, Sortan’s kingdom. Draven and Seven teleported ahead of the army to await their approach.

As expected, Sortan was at its head. After a touching reunion with Draven, he revealed what he had learned of Aiden’s fate; the boy was almost certainly Asmodeus, and was being used by Desmiel to march on Heaven. Sortan asked to meet Nikolai, another known god, and declared his intention to rescue all of the gods – Asmodeus included. He asked the group to council with him in his kingdom that evening.

Lady Meridia took Sortan aside and told him of four heroes in Azlanti society who had begun to stir the people against the gods, before she had been turned to stone. She named them:

  • Nhur Athemom, a powerful wizard obsessed with creating life.
  • Savith, a champion and warrior who was instrumental in defeating the god Ydersius.
  • Zura, their queen who lusted after eternal life. She had begun to dabble in vampirism to extend her life. Although overthrown, she had not been killed.
  • Aroden, a leader who created government and law. A magic practitioner and philosopher.

Seven teleported to Draven’s kingdom to grab Nikolai and Jubei and returned with them to Zirnalaen.

The party met, and decided on a few things:

  • Belorin is not to be trusted
    • Sortan sent orc scouting party, with scrolls of sending, to Arcadia to keep an eye on the necromantic pool, where Belorin had sent an expedition
  • They asked Lady Meridia to compile a list of the known pantheon so they could decide which gods they should attempt to restore
  • They would travel to the Labyrinth to locate the Mask of the Midnight Lord

Part-way through the chat, Sortan detected that somebody had turned the privacy spell inward. Instead of protecting them from listening ears, the walls had become listening ears. Sortan immediately ended the discussion.

Wary of the many ways in which Belorin had power over them, the group decided to send to Jubei to Sigil to research ways to counter the arcana. Yet word also reached them that Ronah and Corvo had not reported in from Rostovia in overlong. They had perhaps gotten into trouble.

Matters for later. For now, the party gathered at Draven’s kingdom and prepared to enter the Shadow Realm and find the Labyrinth. The shae resistance waited for their lord in his throne room. As he entered, they turned to him, ready.

Standing before them, Draven delivered a speech:

“Family, today we embark on a journey to restore our homeland. A journey frought with peril and mystery. When we leave here, we will attempt to take back our dynasty, to take what was stolen from us, to take back the mask of shadow kings past. And with that mask we will take back our homeland. Together we will take down ”/characters/astarot" class=“wiki-content-link”>Astarot and take back our freedoms. Be ready, my children, for when I call, it will be you that provides us with our victory."

The shae cheered, and joined together in unison as the lights faded from the room, and Draven felt the worship and true devotion of his people.

Aminette activated the Cubic Gate, and the Lords of the Federation and their allies entered the Shadow Realm. Before them stood the massive obsidian wall of the Labyrinth.

Jubei took the Cubic Gate from Aminette and departed for Sigil, the City of Doors, leaving his new allies to their quest.

Yet no sooner than Draven and Nikolai began to investigate the Labyrinth in search of its entrance, a pair of young umbral dragons spotted Sortan and dove to attack…

Season 3, Episode 7
The Blood Ritual


Our heroes had arrived at Pharasma’s Spire to see what is causing souls to pause in their journey to the Great Beyond. They had discovered that a group of Azlanti were siphoning souls into a Soul Matrix in order to power a great device that would renew Godfall and prevent the gods from returning.

Having defeated the soul siphon’s guardian, the group destroyed the siphon itself, setting back the Azlanti’s plans to re-enact Godfall. They returned to the Material Plane to begin planning on how to stop the Azlanti forever.

They returned to Ignotus to speak to Belorin about their latest revelations. While there, Draven tasked Aminette to tail Dreshga, the royal alchemist and watcher for the Azlanti. While Draven and Seven went to find Belorin, Nikolai and Jubei went to speak with Investigator Flintlocke about Rostovian nobles in search of Nikolai’s father.

Flintlocke was gone, but he had left correspondence with Dreshga, detailing his investigation. He had identified undead elements in the Rostovian empire, who had discovered a vaccine for the Disease. As it turned out, he was already working undercover in Rostovia, attempting to sneak into Citadel City.

While resting in the capital, Seven had a dream where he was contacted by his brother, Two. He offered to help Seven become Bahamut, but Seven quickly rejected him. Though they both wanted to kill One, Two did not believe it was possible without becoming a god himself. Two wanted to ally with Seven, but they found little accord. Seven did learn that Two was studying lizardmen outside Tian Xia, however.

Belorin returned to Ignotus the following morning. The group consulted with him about recent events. Belorin revealed knowledge of attempts by the Azlanti to terraform the moon. He referred the group to an Azlanti scholar, Namor. Belorin also revealed a ritual to determine if the lords were truly divine, and the nature of their fall from Godfall. To do so, however, would require the blood of a creature with a soul. Jubei was disgusted by Belorin’s scheming and departed the meeting bitterly, warning Draven, Seven and Nikolai against working with Belorin, before stopping to speak with Aminette to encourage her to speak against Belorin to Draven herself.

Seven did not support the ritual, but he realized Draven intended to go through it. So Seven decided to preside over the proceedings to ensure the victim was justly chosen and treated. The Lords decided to sacrifice a smuggler, who had been trading starstone dust to the murderous orcs from their previous adventure: Irizati.

Aminette was left concerned from her conversation with Jubei, and spoke with Draven after the meeting with Belorin. She did not discourage Draven from completing the ritual, but her distrust of Belorin remained. Draven left her with an offer to use his own resources to keep an eye on Belorin, once they had retaken the Shadow Plane from Astarot.

Jubei expressed his concerns to Seven, who shared them, but also encouraged Seven to stand by Draven’s side.

Belorin took the party to Cirrinen’s kingdom, where their prisoner awaited. Draven convinced Cirrinen to turn Irizati over to them, and Belorin took the group to a sanctuary of his for performing magical rituals. After preparing Irizati, Belorin performed the ritual, violently ending the smuggler’s life. As the ritual proceeded, those gathered had a vision:

Draven, Seven and Nikolai were gathered at Pharasma’s Spire, each appearing as avatars of Zon-Kuthon, Bahamut, and Primus respectively. Pharasma herself was seated on her chair, amongst many other gathered gods: Sarenrae (represented by a version of Sortan) and Torag (represented by a version of Horgar), and Asmodeus. They had gathered together to confront the possibility of the Azlanti empire destroying them all, information given to them by a newly-fashioned god of secrets, Vecna (who appeared to be none other than Belorin).

In the memory, Vecna revealed the construction of the Aeon Fracture, which was being built to tear a rift in the multiverse to remove the gods. Though he was convinced the device could not be stopped, he proposed they store a portion of their divinity within an artifact on Golarion. After Godfall, the device would allow the gods to reincarnate into their mortal bodies. If the divinities could then retrieve their artifacts, they could absorb the energy released from the Aeon Fracture, and allow the gods to return to their full power.

After a thousand years, Vecna revealed, the Aeon Fracture would disperse its energy again, destroying the universe in its entirety. That would be their only opportunity to intervene.

Vecna revealed his artifact to be his eye and his hand. Draven chose the Mask of the Midnight King. Seven chose a spear. And Sortan chose the Book of Light and Dark.

While they awoke, Jubei watched as Belorin plane shifted away, telling him that they would see him again at the Aeon Fracture.

In this vision, it was also revealed that the Azlanti had destroyed their aboleth masters.

Season 2, Finale
The Final Plague and the New Birth


The Second Plague

The Federation Lords landed on the ziggarat, where Two stood, calmly awaiting. Seven diverted his rider to the forest beyond the ziggarat, unsure if Two would negotiate with his hated younger brother. Draven, Sortan and Ronah attempted pallaver, insisting to Two that One meant to sacrifice him to achieve great power. To their surprise, Two was decidely not surprised by this, but in fact knew of this plan all along.

Unable to convince Two for certain, the group summoned Seven. The two brothers, re-united again, spoke of One’s goal. At the last, Seven was able to convince Two of One’s selfishness and treachery, and the Second Plague relented.

Yet One seemed to sense this disobedience, for Two was immediately stricken, his will lost to One’s command. He drew on the Federation Lords, and a short fight ensued, but just as quickly, Seven used his Crown of Dragon’s Command to force Two’s will back on himself. Two warned the others of One’s betrayal then disappeared into the Plane of Nightmares, far from One’s reach.

The warning sent, the lords felt there was no other option but to force a confrontation with One, before he could take time to recover from the loss of Two.

The First Plague

Yet as they approached the center of the crater, they found it sealed behind a great wall of positive energy. Draven found the wall susceptible to negative energy, though not enough to dispel or damage the wall in any meaningful way. He then seized upon an idea, and used a shadow walk spell to carry the party into a realm between the Material and the Shadow. It was enough – they found themselves confronted with a negative energy wall, the inverse of what they saw on the Material Plane. Sortan fished out magical potions to grant everyone protection from evil, and so they were able to force themselves through the wall, as it melted away around them under the spell’s protection.

One awaited them in the center, and as they approached, they heard the distant crumble of the other monuments. Three and Five had succumbed to One’s mental directive to take their lives. He was now all that was left.

The battle was swift but brutal, a terrifying exchange of blows as One wielded his immense power against the Federation Lords. Yet in a moment, as he stood poised to strike out against Seven, he also succumbed – to a hail of arrows from Ronah, filled with Sortan’s smiteful vengeance.

One fell, turning to stone and dust as the others had. And his orb exploded.
From the rubble of the crater, the completed ritual brought forth what the Federation Lords was certain was inevitable: a gigantic, monstrous dragon. Sporting five heads, it began to single-mindedly tear through the jungle, laying waste to everything in its path. It soon became clear that the dragon was terraforming the floating island (now stable) into something suitable to its own ends.

As they fled, the Federation Lords noticed the ziggarats were now gaping open. Curious, they delved inside and found a new horror: hundreds of dragon eggs.
Thinking quickly, they dispatched Ronah to steal one, then fled before the draconic demigod could find them.

Home Again

The Federation’s great fleet began their journey home, Sortan and Ronah among them, while Seven and Draven returned to their kingdoms. Seven took the dragon egg with him, showing it to Dernevier, the dracolich, who told him that the dragon demigod had risen from Seven’s father’s lair. He named the five-headed beast an abomination, but insisted that it could be slain.

Meanwhile, Draven had an orgy.

Landing on the shores of Avistan, Sortan marched his armies home, sending word ahead to call for a Concillium. After taking care of business in his kingdom, he traveled to the Capital. Before the meeting could take place, he met in secret with the king and queen, revealing Draven’s dealings to them while recusing himself of judgment. He instead laid Draven’s actions at the feet of the rulers for them to determine the best course.

Belorin took each lord aside as they came to the Capital, checking in on them and asking for them to meet with him in his kingdom after the Concillium. As well, he told Seven to seek out the mystical city of Sigil, to find the great library there.


The Concillium was short and self-congratulatory, and the heroes of the Federation told the gathered lords and ladies of what transpired on the floating island. Most were convinced that the dragon could be killed, but few knew how to begin with such a quest. The Concillium parted with mixed feelings – relief at the end of the battle, unease at the dragon lurking in their skies – and the army it might unleash.

Afterwards, the Federation Lords gathered with Belorin in his library. There he revealed to them his belief that, like himself, each of the Lords (Draven, Seven, Sortan) were reincarnations. Yet, Belorin said, they were not reincarnations of past mortal beings – but of the gods themselves. Belorin theorized that when the gods fell, they did not die at all, but were reborn.

To prove it, and to learn more, Belorin told them of the Forlorn Mountain, in distant Tian Zia. There, he said, they would find the answers they sought.

The party seemed at once eager to pursue this idea – but were surprised to find one dissenter: Sortan.

Sortan was not to continue with them, the drow said, but rather to sail west. He apologized to Draven for his behavior on the island and encouraged him to continue his path of redemption. But Sortan felt his destiny lie somewhere else – especially if he was the reincarnation of the old god.

And so the fellowship was broken, though the adventure had only just begun.

Season 2, Episode 15
The Blood Kings


The Sixth Plague

Six lay atop a ziggurat in the Dreaming Jungle, and our heroes stood ready to intervene and save him. The lizardmen were already chanting, and so the Federation Lords stormed the ziggurat. Yet as soon as they were spotted, the lizardmen plunged daggers into Six’s heart, killing the dragonborn. Mysteriously, as he died, his body turned to stone – and then it exploded with the power of the Orb of Acid, evidently now attuned to him. The blast showered the platform with acid, knocking many of the lizardmen aside.

Seven and Sortan teleported to the ziggurat’s summit, hoping to save Six. It was yet too late for the dragonborn, but now the struggle was on. Seven lizardmen sorcerers fought with four Federation Lords – Draven’s magic and Ronah’s arrows providing ranged support while Seven and Sortan fought the lizardmen directly.

The lizardmen took to the skies with magical wings, and four of them, already injured, drew forth magical stones. Crushing them in their hands, they disappeared, teleporting away.
The three left behind did not last long and fell to Draven’s spells and Seven’s weapon. Surveying the battle scene, they realized Six was dead and turned to look upon the distant crater, at the center of the island.

Seven ziggurats, miles apart, surrounded a vast crater filled with blinding white light – likely the center of One’s ritual. Seven draconic statues surrounded the light – or did, for the statue nearest the ziggurat on which Six was slain was now crumbled to dust.
Draven recovered the magical teleportation stones from the slain lizardmen then pointed out where he had seen them reappear – on a distant ziggurat, the next one in the formation.

Realizing it likely that each ziggurat was guarded by more lizardmen or the Plagues themselves, the Federation Lords decided to head off the lizardman and travel to the ziggurat beyond the lizardmen’s destination.

Above them, a gryphon rider struggled against a drake. Draven summoned an illusion to get the rider’s attention, and with Ronah’s arrows giving him cover, the rider was able to evade the drake and land atop the ziggurat. The Federation Lords tasked him with scouting the area and meeting them at their destination ziggurat. Sortan dispatched Ronah to ride with the gryphon rider, providing him cover with her unerring aim. Then the Federation Lords gathered together, and Draven crushed the magical stone – and they found themselves suddenly standing atop a new ziggurat.

And waiting atop the altar was the Fourth of the Seven Plagues.

The Fourth Plague

Sortan drew his weapon immediately, having faced Four previously. Yet Draven was even quicker to act, drawing forth a pouch from Four’s belt with his telekinetic magicks – a pouch containing the Orb of Ice.

Four responded like lightning, jumping from the altar to strike at Draven. Yet Sortan intervened, removing the Orb into the bag of holding. And so Four attacked Sortan without mercy, his fists and feet as strong and deadly as any weapon. He could not avoid Seven’s own strikes, however, nor Draven’s spells, and on the verge of death, Sortan unleashed his righteous fury, smiting the weakened Four, and striking him.

Yet the moment Sortan’s blade plunged into Four’s chest, the Orb exploded within the bag of holding, and the distant statue, far out in the crater, crumbled to the ground.
And that was when the Federation Lords realized the island was floating in the air – and still rising.

The Island Rises

The island was rising, but the battle was nearly over for the armies of the Federation. The gryphon riders at last won the day in the air, and so they descended to aid the Federation Lords, Ronah among them. Seeking more answers, they returned to the beach head where Draven’s shae allies remained – though it was now more cliff than beach.

The shae had captured one of the lizardmen at the Shadow Gate, but he had little to share. They did learn, however, of the eight Blood Kings who ruled over them. The eighth refused One’s rule and so was slain. But the rest served him, and were almost certainly the lizardmen the Lords of the Federation had fought atop the ziggurat.

It seemed uncertain now how they were to stop One. Killing the Seven Plagues seemed to only increase his power – the death of Six and Four seemed to achieve the same end, yet the former was desired by the Blood Kings. Draven realized that the Blood Kings were nonetheless executioners of One’s will, and so they must be stopped.

The heroes boarded the gryphon riders once more, again taking Ronah with them, as well as several shae, and flew back towards the ziggurats – and their confrontation with the Blood Kings.

The Last Blood King

The ziggurat stood empty, but Draven suspected it was merely a ruse. Directing Sortan to where the invisible Blood Kings lay in wait, the drow used his own magic to reveal the location of one. They disembarked the gryphons and set to battle.

It soon became clear that the Blood Kings were single-minded in their intent to kill Seven. Seven’s death here, it would seem, would fulfill the ritual, just as Six and Four’s death had. Yet the kings failed, falling to the assault, until only one remained. This one, the shae held captive, and Sortan bargained with an oath to set him free in order to learn the truth of One’s ritual.

One, it seemed, was intent on becoming a god himself, and intended to sacrifice all of the Plagues to achieve this end. This fact, it seemed, was lost on those still loyal to One (the Fifth, Third and Second).

Desperate to prevent more slaughter that would only fulfill One’s own objectives, the Federation Lords decided to attempt parlay with Two. Still bitter over Draven’s betrayal, Sortan coldly remarked that perhaps Draven would best serve to this end – one traitor convincing another to betray. Draven was less than amused by the remark, and indeed felt his friendship, and the intent of his confession, betrayed by Sortan’s bitterness. And so Draven gave the word, and the shae executed the last Blood King.

His oath broken, Sortan drew on Draven, only barely missing the fetchling. A tense standoff ensued, as the shae moved to aid their lord, Ronah stepped to back up Sortan, and Seven stood aghast, uncertain of how to choose between friends.

After a tense debate, which solved little, Sortan resolved to be done with the fetchling lord. Yet it was Seven’s rebuke that stopped the paladin’s flight, for there was no time for strife when One threatened to destroy all life on Golarion.

Reluctantly, Sortan remained with the group, and they once again took flight with the gryphon riders, heading for a confrontation with second-most-deadly of the Plagues.

Season 2, Episode 14
The Battle of the Isle of the Dreaming Jungle


Draven’s Confession

Seven and Sortan received a missive from Draven to visit him in his kingdom in three days. They responded and came to Draven’s keep to find him drunk. With him was a shae, whom Draven introduced as an ally and a lieutenant in the umbral dragon Astarot’s army, Dresdasil. Draven then made his confession: he had been serving Astarot and had given the Orb of Acid to the dragon, meanwhile attuning himself to the dragon’s own Orb of Shadow. When Astarot demanded Dresden obtain the Orb of Lightning and aid One’s quest, Draven decided to betray his master and divulge the plan to the Federation Lords.

Seven was disturbed to learn of Draven’s treachery but was mollified by his final loyalty to the Federation. Although ambivalent to the fetchling, he decided to allow Draven to serve them in the battle to come. And Draven made immediate use of himself, revealing One’s plan to conduct blood magic rituals with each Dragon Orb, and his own plan to turn the Shadow army against Astarot. Draven had been plotting his own betrayal for some time, it seemed – enough time to have loyalists in Astarot’s army. This final betrayal was set to occur as Astarot’s lizard,em opened a rift in the Material Plane to the Shadow, at which point Dresden hoped to lead his loyalists out of the shadows, destroying the rift on the other side to cut off Astarot’s army.

In order to prevent Astarot from questioning Draven’s failure to obtain the Orb of Lightning, and acting with the full knowledge of the effects of attunement, Seven at last attuned himself to his dragon orb, gaining great power, and giving Draven enough truth to gird his lie to Astarot.

The War Council

The Federation Lords, at last united in person, traveled next to the fleet, to conduct their war plans with the other lords, and the fleet commander, Lord Belorin Songsteel. To do so required the Lords to travel through Belorin’s kingdom, to his hidden gate kept beneath his library. Here the party made a startling discovery: Belorin had small tokens taken from each of them kept in storage in his kingdom: a lock of Sortan’s hair, a scale from Seven, and a nail from Draven.

The fleet’s war council began in earnest, and a plan was devised to split the fleet, drawing One’s larger armies into a stalemate while a portion of the fleet landed near the Shadow Gate to unite with Draven’s shae loyalists. The three armies would then converge, trapping the dragonborn’s armies between two fronts.

When Tethlis granted Seven a Crown of Dragon’s Command, a plan was concocted to eliminate the dragon turtle as a threat: Seven would simply find and command the turtle.

Their plans set, the council broke. Draven returned to the Plane of Shadow to bargain with Astarot, and Seven returned to his kingdom to attune himself to the Orb of Lightning. Sortan stayed behind on the boat and confronted Belorin about his “collection.” Belorin calmly remarked that they allowed him to keep track of the Federation Lords, should one ever go missing. Sortan seemed mollified at this answer.

In the Shadow Plane, Draven met with Astarot and told him of the Lightning Orb’s loss. Astarot was disappointed but undeterred, and Draven took advantage of his arrogance to convince the dragon to allow him to lead the armies. Astarot accepted. Draven’s betrayal was set.

The Battle of the Isle of the Dreaming Jungle

As the fleet neared the island, Seven left with a single ship and his dragoons to confront the dragon turtle. After initially failing to control the turtle, Seven returned again and successfully gained command of it. He drove the turtle towards the island, as the battle began.

Yet the battle was over almost as soon as it began. The serpentfolk and ogre armies marched to confront the bulk of the fleet, as expected, and the Shadow Army marched through the lizardfolk’s gate. As soon as enough of his men were through, Draven gave the command, and the shae turned on their masters. The gate was destroyed, giving breath only to Astarot’s distant cry of frustration and fury.

Soon after, the second half of the fleet landed, making short work of any resistance that remained. The Federation Lords met in the middle of the island, and as the battle continued, they pushed into the jungle to find One’s ritual and end it.

They were soon engaged by a flight of drakes, yet as the battle wore on, they were all beset by the island’s spirit, who ensnared the drakes, Seven and Draven in vines. Sortan alone resisted, pulling forth the white flower granted him by the king and queen, and at Draven’s urging, planted the flower in the soil.

Contact was established. The jungle’s spirit, taking on the form of various creatures, seemingly representing all that the jungle itself represented, spoke no language, but seemed to understand their request. It released them and allowed them to pass.

And in the depths of the jungle, the Lords of the Federation came to confront their first obstacle: a towering ziggarat, holding the Orb of Acid – and the prone body of Six.

Season 2, Episode 13
A Bulwark Against the Dark


After the battle, the Lords of the Federation spoke with Yahara. He revealed his intention to keep an eye on city for more illithid incursions, then disappeared, perhaps fading back to the Ethereal Plane. The Lords returned to Azamaraen to recover from the battle and assess their next move.

Sortan brought Draven and Seven alone with him in the throne room in the city. He demanded an explanation for Draven’s summoning, to which Draven responded that he saw no difference in seeking aid from devils or angels, as long as aid was provided, and to honorable end.

Sortan felt Draven’s methods short-sighted and dangerous, but for Sortan, it was all the more troubling because Draven did not make his intentions or his methods known to his allies. They again argued over Draven’s agents operating in Ravenholdt, though little new came of it.

Sortan told Draven the truth, and nothing less, would be expected from him going forward, and to test it, asked Draven more about his background. They learned that Draven came from the Shadow Plane and found his way to the Federation on rumors of its strength and peace. Draven came to Azamar to find the city overrun with barbarians, and he moved to conquer the anarchic land with his own allies. All of this was known to the Lords of the Federation; what was not was Draven’s goals and beliefs. Draven felt that divinity had not left the world, despite Godfall, and sought a means of communing with and leveraging the power that still existed. He also hoped to discover more about the nature of that divinity – perhaps even opening the possibility of restoring the gods who sowed it.
For his part, Sortan did what he could to assure Draven that he was no brute, and more apt to counsel Draven in his plans than smite him for considering pacts with devils. Sortan’s calling as a paladin meant more than simple zealotry, and Sortan had to admit that, as a drow closer to a millennia old than not, Sortan had more communion and experience serving darker powers than not.

In the end, little was settled, except for Sortan’s exhortation to Draven to be open and truthful with the group. “When the devil comes to collect, do you want me standing with you, or against you?”

With matters settled between the Federation Lords, for the time being, Sortan set about completing his business in the settlement. He announced his intentions to withdraw the bulk of his army from the city to support the war against the Dragonborn – including Ronah, who had been the commander of Azamaraen.

Ronah introduced Sortan to Laurence Gundriskon, her first lieutenant and the premiere fighter in Sortan’s Darklands army. Sortan elevated the young gentleman to captain and tasked him with the protection of the city.

Sortan then summoned Drogar and gave him an offer: prove himself worthy by defending Azamaraen alongside the ghouls and his men, and Sortan would restore the city to duergar rule, though they would not be permitted to hold slaves.

Sortan dismissed Drogar and rode out to speak with Thali. He found her with the ghouls, outside the city walls. He proposed his plan to her: that the ghouls would stay in Azamaraen and defend it from further incursion, and in return he would provide them with food and refuge. Thali accepted, and Sortan had the ghouls come into the city, to stay in the old gladiator pits, where there was plentiful room.

Their business in Azamaraen concluded, the Lords of the Federation returned to the surface world and their kingdoms to continue the business of preparing the fleet for war. But their preparations were marked by tragedy, when they discovered that One had been active while they conducted business in the Darklands. Returning to the small town of Providence, they found the city razed to the ground, with an eerie message left behind, a clear mark of One’s terrible wrath.

Season 2, Episode 12
The Phase Spiders


The Federation Lords returned to Azamaraen long enough to summon the guards and obtain their mounts. With Ronah joining them, they rode out of the city and into the midst of the spiders, meeting the enemy head-on. Thali and her graveknight, in the meantime, had fled.

The Federation Lords quickly turned the phase spiders aside, but the creatures appeared to have no end. As they fought back the enormous limbs that emerged from the ground, they were – one by one – captured by the spiders and drawn into the Ethereal Plane, where an endless army of the spiders gathered.

Once on the Ethereal Plane, the party was struck by an odd sight: a mind flayer beating back the spiders not far from where they stood. Yet the two groups were unable to aid each other, beset on all sides by the phase spiders that swarmed throughout the plane.
As the battle seemed to turn against them, Thali and her graveknight appeared, hazy on the Material Plane as the party watched from the Ethereal, and at her back were dozens of ghouls. They assaulted the enormous appendages and made short work of them.
Once the last appendage collapsed, so did the ground around them, revealing their source: a gargantuan, eight-legged beast with eyes the size of houses. Maimed, it attempted to flee – and Sortan followed, with Seven close on his heels.

Abandoned, poisoned, and with no way to return to the Material Plane, Draven was forced to take drastic measures he would not otherwise take around his companions: he summoned an ally, divine in nature. That ally, however, was a devil.

Meanwhile, Seven, Sortan, and the illithid struck the creature again and again, until at last it shuddered and collapsed, unable to ward off the terrible blows to its vulnerable body.
Sortan greeted their unlikely ally, and learned his name was Yahara-zin’skrelt. He was an exile from his people, on account of his predilection for the brains of his own kin, and he roamed the Darklands in search of suitable prey. He was drawn to Azamaraen when he heard rumor that his kin had overtaken the duergar city. By the time he arrived, the illithid had left – on their own accord, according to Yahara, and not at the hands of the Federation Lords. Yet his journey was not in vain, for he only recently found more illithid poking about at the walls.

Yahara offered to take Sortan and Seven back to the Material Plane, and they returned to ground level to retrieve Ronah. There, they witnessed Draven speaking with a devil, bargaining for a way to return. Disturbed, Sortan abandoned Draven to his own devices, and Yahara brought them back to the Material Plane, leaving Draven to make his own bargain.

Left again by his companions, Draven was given an offer by the devil: she would return him to the Material Plane, and he would grant her his seed. Draven accepted, and the devil fulfilled her end of the bargain: Draven reappeared on the Material Plane, as his companions looked on.

The spiders were beaten, but the danger was not over, and Sortan is now faced with Draven’s dread secret, of a fetchling oracle consorting with the servants of a dead and terrible god.

Season 2, Episode 11
Meeting the Ghouls


We tallied our numbers, and found our current strength was at 1,400 soldiers, just enough to fill one wave of Belorin’s fleet. We almost certainly would need more.

We departed for Draven’s kingdom, preparing to delve into the Darklands entrance nearby and onward to Azamaraen. There, we discovered that Draven had agents in Seven’s kingdom. These agents caught the thief who stole the Lightning Orb. They had killed the thief and now returned the orb to Seven. Sortan was furious to discover that Draven had sent agents into Seven’s kingdom without disclosing it to either Seven or Sortan. They argued and parted on bitter terms, but nevertheless, Sortan asked Draven to travel with them into the Darklands.

We reunited with Ronah and learned that the ghouls were camped a mile west of the city, and still awaited my arrival. We set out the next day to meet the ghoul in the space between the camps.

He was a dwarven figure seated on a steed of shadow and dark flame. And he was flanked by a gnome – Thali.

She told us her story. She took Horgar’s body deep into the Darklands, where she was attacked by a dark mantle and saved by the Glowing One. Older than Godfall, she was irradiated by a falling star stone, and became a leader of the ghoul. She took Thali under her wing, needing a loyal – and living – guardian to aid the ghouls, as they fled the arachnoid creatures attacking Nemret Noktoria. The ghouls turn feral when starved, and they may need a sane mind in the search for food.

Sortan was disturbed to learn that the ghoul empire had fallen and was now little more than 200 ghouls camped outside Azamaraen.

As for Horgar, his soul moved on, but his body now persists as a graveknight, the only way she could restore any form of life to a body whose soul had moved on.

She agreed to bring the ghouls to the surface, but before we could act on the logistics, a swarm of phase spiders appeared around us, and giant diamond-tipped legs broke through the ground. The spiders that destroyed Nemret Noktoria were now attacking the surface.

Season 2, Episode 10
A Call to War


We headed to the capital to speak to the Council and petition for the Federation’s aid in storming the Isle of the Dreaming Jungle. We went to see the King and Queen in their grove – an interesting place marked by 12 trees, one of which was dead.

We told them of One’s plan and begged for aid, an army to defeat One’s army. The King told us we may be able to turn the spirit of the Isle against One’s armies. While they determined the feasibility of any such plan, we gathered the lords for a Concillium.

During a delay, with Lord Grimfern hiding from Belorin’s summon, still bitter over losing a bidding war for land to Belorin, we visited the King and Queen to determine what they had learned from attempting to contact the spirit of the jungle. We learned that the spirit of the jungle, a native to the Dimension of Dreams, had been awoken – and somehow evaded – by One. The King and Queen offered us a “piece of themselves” – a white flower – with which we might be able to gain an audience with the avatar of the spirit.

We returned to the Concillium, where the lords were now gathered, and presented our case. They all agreed to help us in what ways they could. Afterwards, we told Tethlis that One held a Crown of Dragon’s Command, and he agreed to go speak to his parents about them – to destroy one or obtain another.

Season 2, Episode 9
Rise of the Dragon

Moments after One impaled Hestia, the teleportation spell took hold, and we were wrenched through the planes. Yet as we came to our senses, something strange happened to Hestia’s gore – it turned to silver and fell off our bodies. Then I discovered a scale of One’s in my armor – and it had turned to gold.

Seven determined that we had landed in the mountains north of Rostovia. He was able to teleport us back to his kingdom, where he met with Corvo. He then received a letter from Six, who had left the kingdom. Six confessed that he betrayed Seven and was working to obtain the Orb of Acid from him. However, he could not stand to betray his younger brother, and so betrayed One.

We learned that One had the rest of the five orbs and was gathering an army of kobold, serpentfolk, and lizard men to his side at the Isle of the Dreaming Jungle. There he plots to resurrect Seven’s father – to no doubt dastardly end.


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