Season One: Chapter 1

Murder at the Concillium

Every ruler in the Ardrassil Federation received an invitation to the Concillium – including the party. Seven, Seven’s cohort Corvo, Sortan, Sortan’s Grand Diplomat Loge, and Tethlis made their way to the capital. After exploring the city, they attended the feast, where they were introduced, along with the other lords of the Federation.

During the feast, Sortan’s magic pinpointed Lord Ralothen as evil, and he realized the human was hiding something. During the night, he informed Seven and Tethlis of his discovery but they were unable to ascertain anything else at the time.

During the Concillium the next day – a gathering of the lords to discuss issues pertaining to their combined interests – two matters were brought up. Duchess Tialle begged for help in a purported bee shortage, which most of the lords dismissed. Lord Belorin pledged his aid, and the matter was resolved.

Afterwords, Lord Ralothen demanded the Federation invade Rostovia to the west, citing hidden knowledge (that he would not reveal) that they were planning their own invasion of the Federation.

Before the debate could go on much further, the meeting was interrupted with news that Ralothen’s top aide had been murdered – poisoned – during the night!
The ensuing investigation was led by Investigator Silas Flintlocke. After confirming the party’s alibis, he enlisted their help in the investigation. Their only leads thus far were the bard (last seen with the aide) and Ralothen himself, for Seven had discovered the source of Ralothen’s hidden knowledge: a bribe from Rostovia, intended for Ralothen, promising asylum in return for his aid in their invasion of the Federation. It is unknown at this time which card Ralothen is choosing to play.

Flintlocke made the breakthrough, discovering that the poison originated from caves below the castle. The party decided to investigate immediately. Discovering the hidden cavern, they pressed inside, searching for clues…



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