Season One: Chapter 1 - Conclusion

The Caves

The party went after the bard assassin, into the basement of the Castle where they met an odd creature with many arms, but did not speak. He maintained the complicated contraption that seemed to power the shield that encompassed the Federation. With some searching, they found that a bookcase in the basement had been moved recently. Behind, there was an opening that entered the tunnels that ran throughout the mountains.

The adventurers wandered through the maze of tunnels, looking for clues. After encountering crysmals, rot grubs, sinister mushrooms and moss, a cave-in, and plenty of treasure, they found the assassin holed up in an ancient room with no memory.

A fight ensued and they subdued the woman, so they could question her. Without any memory of last night’s incident, she claimed she didn’t kill anyone. An empty poison bottle in her possession told otherwise. The party took Rishara back to the castle to face judgement.

Sortan took pity, and convinced Rishara to come with him to his kingdom, and work for him in an attempt to better her life. She did not want to go back to the Empire of Rostovia, whom had hired her, and so she agreed. Taking advantage of her skills, he appointed her Spymaster.


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