Season 2: Chapter 2

Astral Invasion

A month later, curious portals opened up across the Federation. They appeared in the players’ kingdoms, Amriel Grimfern’s, Tialle Feystrath, and Belorin’s as well. Astral constructs were beginning to come out of the portals and wreak havoc. Belorin, although busy, wanted to solve this problem, enlisted the help of the players to get the the source of the portals to shut them down.

Belorin sent his companion, Hestia, to help them and take them to the Astral Plane and guide them. Through her divination, she found the source of the portals. With the odd laws of physics on the plane, there was a three dimensional garden with nexuses and vertical floors with many foreign runes. After some studying and critical thinking, the players solved the puzzle of opening the cube, all while fighting off more astral constructs.

Inside the cube was the person responsible for the portals, a Vishkanya swashbuckler by the name of Narex. He seemed to be a furious duelist, but thankfully Hestia’s hex held him back and eventually he surrendered, weakened by the power of his own blade. As they were questioning him, Hestia revealed that she confirmed his identity, and worked for someone who knew Belorin, and wanted to seek him out. Narex was not speaking much, but before the players could get anything more, Hestia pulled out an astral blade and cut his tether, killing his astral projection and his body he was connected to, where ever it was.

This angered the players; they felt like pawns in Belorin’s ministrations, and the fact he left out pertinent information relating to their safety. Hestia said she was just doing what Belorin asked of her, and neither of them wished the players harm. In a show of good faith, she gave Seven the astral blade, and sent everyone back to the Material Plane, save Sortan who exited through a portal first.

Belorin rewarded the players with gold, and messaging stones that will allow them to communicate to each other over great distances.


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