Season One: Chapter 3

Night Fires

The PCs met with Belorin, who informed them that an old adventuring companion of his, a powerful psionics was behind Ralothen’s traitorous dealing and ultimately his death. Additionally, this psionic villain was likely behind the attacks of the arcane constructs.

On the way out of Ignotus, the party was met by Greymere, who asked them to help with a young boy, Bjorn, whose village is south of Sortan’s kingdom.

On the way to Bjorn’s village, the PCs stopped in Sortan’s kingdom and feasted in the Silver Palace. Tethlis cast a spell to ensure privacy and root out mind-controlled victims, and the team discussed their revelations. It was decided to more or less leave Belorin to his own devices, who was now on his way to the Darklands to root out his rival, but to work together to stop the villainous psionic if he threatened their kingdoms again.

The party set out for the village the morning after, also bringing along Ronah, Sortan’s partner. They arrived at the village in early morning, and were met with resistance from several of the townspeople, who saw these Federation outsiders as meddlers, bringing dangerous magic to their town.

Nevertheless, Sortan and Tethlis swore to avoid the use of magic, save for a dire circumstance, and after a vote, the town decided to allow them to stay.

The diseased came that night, and there were casualties. When there seemed to be no sign of the diseased stopping, the party split up to search for something bringing the diseased to the village.

They found it: Ezekiel’s wife – or what was left of her.


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