Season Two: Episode 1

Into the Vaults

Session Three

From Sortan’s Journal:

I stood with Seven, Draven, our cohorts and the shaitan against the dweller in the vault, the giant Grome.

Grome began casting a spell, and Draven’s skin began to grow mottled and hard. “Beware the power of Grome, as I turn your flesh to stone!” Draven was unable to resist the flesh to stone spell and became petrified. “Hahaha! Flesh is weak, stone is strong!”

The rest of us began our attack on the titan, but he soon cast another spell, striking us with rays of colored energy. One ray struck Kira, tearing through her body with powerful electricity. She collapsed, a charred corpse. Another struck Ronah, who managed to avoid the primary ray but still took massive damage. Having no other means to restore Draven, and unable to help his companion, I elected to stuff Draven into the bag of holding. Ronah sought healing help from Kira’s body, but there was nothing to be found.

Seven was on Grome by then, and the giant attempted to cast a spell directly on him. Seven resisted partially, but was still obviously weakened by the spell. I yelled to the shaitan to retrieve a restorative potion from me and deliver it to Seven, allowing me to strike directly at Grome. But though I pierced his flesh, I could do any harm. Ronah joined me, switching to her greataxe, but she could not harm the creature either.

Grome again sought to destroy Seven with his touch, and Seven grew weaker. Dj’oon traveled through the stone and used my potion to restore Seven slightly. I unleashed my bonded sword on Grome, dealing several blows to the creature. Now weakened, Seven struck Grome a final, mighty blow, shattering Grome into thousands of stone pieces.

Amongst Grome’s belongings, we found Dj’oon’s soul gem. Seven destroyed, and the shaitan transformed into his natural form, a being much larger, with crystals growing out of his flesh. He informed us that his wife could restore Draven, and we decided to attempt to leverage Grome’s defeat to bargain with Orome – once Draven was destroyed, we could then work to free Dj’oon’s wife.

Grome’s vault was filled with the petrified remains of his enemies. Among them – an illithid – which I destroyed, not desiring such a creature to ever be free. One was a demon, a cambion, the product of a human and an incubus. Another held a shield with a symbol of Sarenrae.

Dj’oon led us directly into the vault through a secret door of earth. Inside, we found vast riches, as well as the dragon orb. We took what we could, noting also a strange obsidian mirror, covered in wood the color of bone and topped with a triangular symbol containing a ruby-set eye. Deciding to leave it alone for the moment, we traveled with Dj’oon to Orome’s realm.

Orome is a vile creature, spiteful of all outsiders in his realm. We hoped the death of his brother would give him enough pause to treat with us, though we we were prepared to fight if necessary.

I flattered Orome’s might, promising to return in a year and a day with Grome’s freed statues to put an end to his threat (hoping instead to find a way to end these beings’ endless rivalry). Orome accepted, and gave his slave, Dj’oon’s wife, to us.

We healed his wife and gave her soul gem to her, asking her to leave the Vaults before destroying the gem. She then restored Draven to flesh. Draven was distraught to learn of Kira’s death. While he mourned, I released the cleric trapped in stone. I learned her name was Lady Meridian, a cleric of Sarenrae, and an Azlanti – and indeed I did not recognize her appearence.

Draven was now determined to face and destroy Orome, to obtain vengeance for Kira. I was set against this course of action, desiring a way to either permanently end the two brothers, or else cure them of the corruption of the Vault. We argued vehemently and without obvious answer.

Eventually we discovered the only way to destroy the two vaultkeepers would be to kill them simultaneously while they were near their mutual thrones. We knew we had a year to prepare for this eventuality. In the meantime, we freed the final stone creature – Catarina, a cambion, who was a member of the Jade Temple. The Jade Temple has not been heard from for some time, so we decided to turn her over to the custody of Lord Greymere, who worked with the Jade Temple.

We returned to the surface. Six informed us of the location of the Dragon Orb of Lightning, while Seven had offered him a place in his kingdom. (Concerning, as Six did not intend to stop One, as I knew from my spell.) Six had contact with a genie binder in Rostovia, who could get us to the Plane of Wind where the orb resided.

We decided to head back to the Federation with Meepo, Meridian, and the catfolk mercenary. On the road, we revealed to Seven of Six’s treachery in still working for One. Still unsure of what to do with the orb, we returned to the camp, where Six was awake and waiting. We told him we were providing succor to Draven in his time of mourning

Once back, we learned that Horgar’s old city had reported sightings of roving bands of ghouls in Nar Voth, as well as other disturbing news. Belorin also informed me that the expedition to the other continents was nearing readiness.
Our active quests:
• Locate the Dragon Orb of Lightning
• Investigate ghoul incursions outside of Horgar’s hometown
• Investigate reports of orcs and goblinoids forming tribes nearby, where the Countess Cirinnen grew up
• Support Belorin’s expedition
• Investigate the grove of druids within the Ardrassil Federation
• Free the white necromancer
• Research the intelligent sword


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