Season 2, Episode 10

A Call to War


We headed to the capital to speak to the Council and petition for the Federation’s aid in storming the Isle of the Dreaming Jungle. We went to see the King and Queen in their grove – an interesting place marked by 12 trees, one of which was dead.

We told them of One’s plan and begged for aid, an army to defeat One’s army. The King told us we may be able to turn the spirit of the Isle against One’s armies. While they determined the feasibility of any such plan, we gathered the lords for a Concillium.

During a delay, with Lord Grimfern hiding from Belorin’s summon, still bitter over losing a bidding war for land to Belorin, we visited the King and Queen to determine what they had learned from attempting to contact the spirit of the jungle. We learned that the spirit of the jungle, a native to the Dimension of Dreams, had been awoken – and somehow evaded – by One. The King and Queen offered us a “piece of themselves” – a white flower – with which we might be able to gain an audience with the avatar of the spirit.

We returned to the Concillium, where the lords were now gathered, and presented our case. They all agreed to help us in what ways they could. Afterwards, we told Tethlis that One held a Crown of Dragon’s Command, and he agreed to go speak to his parents about them – to destroy one or obtain another.


luekeskywalker mikebbetts

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