Season 2, Episode 11

Meeting the Ghouls


We tallied our numbers, and found our current strength was at 1,400 soldiers, just enough to fill one wave of Belorin’s fleet. We almost certainly would need more.

We departed for Draven’s kingdom, preparing to delve into the Darklands entrance nearby and onward to Azamaraen. There, we discovered that Draven had agents in Seven’s kingdom. These agents caught the thief who stole the Lightning Orb. They had killed the thief and now returned the orb to Seven. Sortan was furious to discover that Draven had sent agents into Seven’s kingdom without disclosing it to either Seven or Sortan. They argued and parted on bitter terms, but nevertheless, Sortan asked Draven to travel with them into the Darklands.

We reunited with Ronah and learned that the ghouls were camped a mile west of the city, and still awaited my arrival. We set out the next day to meet the ghoul in the space between the camps.

He was a dwarven figure seated on a steed of shadow and dark flame. And he was flanked by a gnome – Thali.

She told us her story. She took Horgar’s body deep into the Darklands, where she was attacked by a dark mantle and saved by the Glowing One. Older than Godfall, she was irradiated by a falling star stone, and became a leader of the ghoul. She took Thali under her wing, needing a loyal – and living – guardian to aid the ghouls, as they fled the arachnoid creatures attacking Nemret Noktoria. The ghouls turn feral when starved, and they may need a sane mind in the search for food.

Sortan was disturbed to learn that the ghoul empire had fallen and was now little more than 200 ghouls camped outside Azamaraen.

As for Horgar, his soul moved on, but his body now persists as a graveknight, the only way she could restore any form of life to a body whose soul had moved on.

She agreed to bring the ghouls to the surface, but before we could act on the logistics, a swarm of phase spiders appeared around us, and giant diamond-tipped legs broke through the ground. The spiders that destroyed Nemret Noktoria were now attacking the surface.


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