Season 2, Episode 7

Finishing Up with Wrenoak

Draven returned with Ford to visit Baron Wrenoak and finish up our deal. Our plan was to lie about what was below the temple, and silence any questions by donating a large sum of our take to the baron’s coffers. He found the baron directing workers at the mine, where the temple’s collapse had caused a cave-in and trapped seven dwarven workers. The baron bought the (censored) version of the story of our delve below and was delighted to hear the temple, and the evil within, had been collapsed.

Draven decided to spend the night at the dwarf camp. As he left for his quarters, he overheard the baron cursing Ford’s failure to find the Chalice of Life, which of course we found and kept secret.

After Ford’s debrief, he informed Draven of the Baron’s plans – to use it to become immortal. Yet, though the Baron would likely return to the mountain to try and find the chalice again, it was not likely to be soon.

In the end, the dwarven miners trapped below were saved.

That night, Draven researched the Chalice. He found that the chalice was mentioned in legends that spoke of Sarenrae gifting it to the world.

The Lost Boy

Meanwhile, I, Sortan, stood with Aiden Fieri at the site of his family’s murder.

  • Put Aiden outside
  • House is near the starstone processing facility
  • Smell of brimstone in Aiden’s bedroom, door blown off hinges from inside
  • Bed looks like someone disappeared while sleeping in it, as if spirited away
  • Blood and gore cover living room, remains of two people
  • Bed in parent’s room is unmade but not bloody
  • Took Aiden to the neighbor, Mrs. Baker
  • Aiden’s father, and the neighbor man, both work at the starstone plant
  • Asked Mrs Baker to watch over Aiden
  • Summoned Seven to meet me at Flintlocke’s

When Seven and I entered, we found Flintlocke already speaking with Dreshga Lark. Dreshga was there discussing Irizati’s missing starstone shipment with Flintlocke. (We had heard of a caravan being attacked, possibly by Rostovian engineers.) Dreshga stated her intentions to investigate herself.

Flintlocke invited Dreshga (whom he referred to as “Boss”) to go with us. I explained the situation as I led them to the scene. Once there, Seven memorized the scene with his autohyponosis, and Dreshga confirmed a devil had been to the area. Flintlocke used blood biography to replay the murder scene. He found that Desmiel himself had come to abduct the child, and murdered the parents when they woke up. I warned Flintlocke to let the king and queen know, and took Aiden into my custody.

“I have some solutions that work pretty well on brain matter in wood grain.” – Deshga

Back at my kingdom, I gave Aiden his own chambers. Lady Meridia and I discussed researching the means to protect the entire kingdom from devilish incursions. I had her seal the boy’s chambers, and I sealed it myself.

Catching Up

Meanwhile, I received a report from Ronah in the Darklands. The ghoul she had captured revealed that the ghouls had been pushed from their kingdom, Nemret Noktoria, and one of their generals led them to the duerger city, Azamaraen. The ghouls felt the attack on the city was preferable to facing what stirred below. I warned Draven and Seven of the ghoulish activity.

I decided to ask Belorin if he could make contact with my people and determine if they knew more about this growing threat, or if they themselves were the source of it.

Draven informed us that threats had been made against his family in the Shadow Plane. He decided he needed to make contact with his ancestors in the Boneyard, which Pharasma once ruled.

We decided that the dragon threat posed by the orbs was more immediate than the Boneyard or the ghouls. Before we could begin making plans, Seven met up with Ford, ready to revive his daughter.

While I prepared to meet the team in the capital, Seven made contact with his spy master, Corvo. He had been tracking Six, and had witnessed Six make contact with the kobold, paid him with a bag of gold. (This being the second meeting of the two.) Corvo followed the kobold to the kobold village, and the next morning, the whole village went south, towards the great wilds, in a caravan.

Ford’s Daughter

Seven and I met Draven Ford at the capital, at Ford’s safe house. While he waited, Draven heard Ford’s story. His daughter fell foul of business associates of Ford’s, displeased with Ford’s completion of a job. We had agreed to resurrect her using the Chalice of Life in return for him keeping its existence a secret from Baron Wrenoak.

Draven performed the ritual, which appeared to work. Carissa re-appeared, alive and well. After, Ford revealed his name was Densen, and that he was the leader of the SIlent Hand, a thieves’ guild. He told us to contact Zetatron if we ever needed anything with the phrase: “No one hears the Silent Hand.”

The Plane of Air

We bargain with Hestia to travel to the Plane of Air, where we hope to find the elemental lord, Duke Ranginori, who has possession of the lightning orb. Hestia got us there, and we bluffed our way into the court of the sultan. Inside, we found Ranginori had infused himself with the orb. Portraying ourselves as merchants seeking to open trade with the Plane of Air, we spoke with the sultan, Zafir XXXVI. We spoke with the Duke and the Sultan long enough to get a sense of them, then retired to the inn, leaving Hestia to feign trade negotiations with the vizier.

We decided to travel to Exopolis to meet with a contact, a man of Belorin’s who lived on a bronze, sphere as mayor of a human city. When Hestia returned, she led us there. On approach, however, we found the city abandoned. Everywhere we looked, clothes and items had been dropped as if their owners simply disappeared.

Eventually, we found one corpse, with scrolls of elemental binding, and a journal from a planar wizard, Kelvennan. The wizard had been attempting to chronicle the runes on the surface of the bronze sphere, as well as locate the orb of lightning. Whatever his goals, he had failed – he was dead, apparently of starvation, and the city around him was empty.

Although we now had the means to summon and confront Ranginori, we were left uneasy from the ghost town. We decided to obtain an audience with Hshurha first and see if we could learn about the war and possibly what had happened at Exopolis. We decided to pretend to be from Exopolis and petition her for the whereabouts of our people.

We flew to the Vergas Processional and met Hshurha, but she knew nothing of Exopolis, saying only that it was not unusual for inhabitants of the sphere to disappear. We then asked about Ranginori’s rebellion, and we learned that she was unaware of the army he was raising. We promised to help her defeat Ranginori in exchange for the orb.


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