Season 2, Episode 8

The Duke's Reign Ended


Hshurha reformed her chamber into a prison. We readied ourselves for battle, and she summoned the Duke of Air, Ranginori, binding him in the prison. We engaged him, despite his protests of our foolishness.
He took Seven and I out of the air with a lightning attack. Despite being grounded, Seven teleported himself into the air above Ranginori, and began to fall into an attack. I charged Ranginori from the ground with a radiant charge, piercing the elemental’s form with my hammer. Seven hit him, but his counterattack took out Draven. Ranginori drew an enormous, crackling bow of lightning, and began to destroy the pillars binding him to the prison.
Ranginori let out a deafening scream, shaking Draven and me to our core and leaving my ears ringing for several minutes. Draven was able to overcome his deafness and cast silence on the Duke of Air, but the elemental resisted.
As the fight wore on and Ranginori fell prey to our attacks, Seven appeared affected by the exposure of the Lightning Orb. Unable to communicate with the team, who were half deaf, and Seven himself in Draven’s Cone of Silence, the dragonborn had no choice but to press the attack. Weakened by Seven’s assault, I smashed through his remaining armor, ending the Duke of Air’s reign forever.
As he died, his body of air appeared to be drawn within the orb. And as that happened, the dragonborn villain known as One appeared. He attempted to take the Orb of Lightning, taunting Seven, but Hestia teleported us back to the Material Plane. Yet as she finished casting the spell, One grabbed her, pushing his claws through her chest and stripping her back to the Plane of Air, leaving us on the Material Plane, one member shorter than we started our quest.


luekeskywalker mikebbetts

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