Season 2, Episode 9

Rise of the Dragon

Moments after One impaled Hestia, the teleportation spell took hold, and we were wrenched through the planes. Yet as we came to our senses, something strange happened to Hestia’s gore – it turned to silver and fell off our bodies. Then I discovered a scale of One’s in my armor – and it had turned to gold.

Seven determined that we had landed in the mountains north of Rostovia. He was able to teleport us back to his kingdom, where he met with Corvo. He then received a letter from Six, who had left the kingdom. Six confessed that he betrayed Seven and was working to obtain the Orb of Acid from him. However, he could not stand to betray his younger brother, and so betrayed One.

We learned that One had the rest of the five orbs and was gathering an army of kobold, serpentfolk, and lizard men to his side at the Isle of the Dreaming Jungle. There he plots to resurrect Seven’s father – to no doubt dastardly end.


luekeskywalker mikebbetts

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