Season 3, Episode 7

The Blood Ritual


Our heroes had arrived at Pharasma’s Spire to see what is causing souls to pause in their journey to the Great Beyond. They had discovered that a group of Azlanti were siphoning souls into a Soul Matrix in order to power a great device that would renew Godfall and prevent the gods from returning.

Having defeated the soul siphon’s guardian, the group destroyed the siphon itself, setting back the Azlanti’s plans to re-enact Godfall. They returned to the Material Plane to begin planning on how to stop the Azlanti forever.

They returned to Ignotus to speak to Belorin about their latest revelations. While there, Draven tasked Aminette to tail Dreshga, the royal alchemist and watcher for the Azlanti. While Draven and Seven went to find Belorin, Nikolai and Jubei went to speak with Investigator Flintlocke about Rostovian nobles in search of Nikolai’s father.

Flintlocke was gone, but he had left correspondence with Dreshga, detailing his investigation. He had identified undead elements in the Rostovian empire, who had discovered a vaccine for the Disease. As it turned out, he was already working undercover in Rostovia, attempting to sneak into Citadel City.

While resting in the capital, Seven had a dream where he was contacted by his brother, Two. He offered to help Seven become Bahamut, but Seven quickly rejected him. Though they both wanted to kill One, Two did not believe it was possible without becoming a god himself. Two wanted to ally with Seven, but they found little accord. Seven did learn that Two was studying lizardmen outside Tian Xia, however.

Belorin returned to Ignotus the following morning. The group consulted with him about recent events. Belorin revealed knowledge of attempts by the Azlanti to terraform the moon. He referred the group to an Azlanti scholar, Namor. Belorin also revealed a ritual to determine if the lords were truly divine, and the nature of their fall from Godfall. To do so, however, would require the blood of a creature with a soul. Jubei was disgusted by Belorin’s scheming and departed the meeting bitterly, warning Draven, Seven and Nikolai against working with Belorin, before stopping to speak with Aminette to encourage her to speak against Belorin to Draven herself.

Seven did not support the ritual, but he realized Draven intended to go through it. So Seven decided to preside over the proceedings to ensure the victim was justly chosen and treated. The Lords decided to sacrifice a smuggler, who had been trading starstone dust to the murderous orcs from their previous adventure: Irizati.

Aminette was left concerned from her conversation with Jubei, and spoke with Draven after the meeting with Belorin. She did not discourage Draven from completing the ritual, but her distrust of Belorin remained. Draven left her with an offer to use his own resources to keep an eye on Belorin, once they had retaken the Shadow Plane from Astarot.

Jubei expressed his concerns to Seven, who shared them, but also encouraged Seven to stand by Draven’s side.

Belorin took the party to Cirrinen’s kingdom, where their prisoner awaited. Draven convinced Cirrinen to turn Irizati over to them, and Belorin took the group to a sanctuary of his for performing magical rituals. After preparing Irizati, Belorin performed the ritual, violently ending the smuggler’s life. As the ritual proceeded, those gathered had a vision:

Draven, Seven and Nikolai were gathered at Pharasma’s Spire, each appearing as avatars of Zon-Kuthon, Bahamut, and Primus respectively. Pharasma herself was seated on her chair, amongst many other gathered gods: Sarenrae (represented by a version of Sortan) and Torag (represented by a version of Horgar), and Asmodeus. They had gathered together to confront the possibility of the Azlanti empire destroying them all, information given to them by a newly-fashioned god of secrets, Vecna (who appeared to be none other than Belorin).

In the memory, Vecna revealed the construction of the Aeon Fracture, which was being built to tear a rift in the multiverse to remove the gods. Though he was convinced the device could not be stopped, he proposed they store a portion of their divinity within an artifact on Golarion. After Godfall, the device would allow the gods to reincarnate into their mortal bodies. If the divinities could then retrieve their artifacts, they could absorb the energy released from the Aeon Fracture, and allow the gods to return to their full power.

After a thousand years, Vecna revealed, the Aeon Fracture would disperse its energy again, destroying the universe in its entirety. That would be their only opportunity to intervene.

Vecna revealed his artifact to be his eye and his hand. Draven chose the Mask of the Midnight King. Seven chose a spear. And Sortan chose the Book of Light and Dark.

While they awoke, Jubei watched as Belorin plane shifted away, telling him that they would see him again at the Aeon Fracture.

In this vision, it was also revealed that the Azlanti had destroyed their aboleth masters.


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