Season One: Chapter 5

You Can Never Go Home Again

Word came to Horgar that his cohort, Thali, had been captured in the Darklands. Out of courtesy, he let Sortan know, for Rishara (now employed by Sortan in his kingdom) had been captured on the mission as well. Then Horgar was off to save his oldest ally and friend. Sortan summoned Seven and Tethlis and the party set off, about a week behind Horgar.

In Nar Voth, Horgar came to his hometown and was met by Lord Belorin Songsteel. Belorin informed him that his old city had fallen to mind flayers, the illithid, who had defeated the duergar and captured Tali and Rishara. Against Belorin’s advice, Horgar stormed the city, and Belorin reluctantly followed.

The rest of the group arrived shortly, having made good time with directions from Horgar, and entered the city. They fought the mind flayers and united with Horgar, only to discover Rishara – lobotomized. They met Horgar’s brother (affectionally known as Brogar) who decided to aid them.

The united group stormed the castle in the center of the city, and discovered the duergar prince in league with a powerful illithid. Thali was there, her mind enslaved to serve the prince, and Horgar charged into a rage. During the ensuing fight, while Sortan and Ronah attempted to corner the illithid leader, Horgar engaged the prince directly.


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