Season One: Chapter 6

The Broken Mind

From Sortan’s journal:

Belorin contacted me to inform me the ritual to enter Kyras’ consciousness was ready. I summoned Seven and Belorin to my kingdom, but we learned Tethlis had to attend to personal matters in his. To make up the difference, I contacted Draven and invited him to help.

Belorin and Seven teleported to my kingdom that day. I asked Belorin if he knew anything about the draco-lich’s remains held in the Silver Tower, but he knew nothing. I related the info to Seven, who shared that he had spoken with the dead dragon’s spirit and learned that the lich in the north had removed his heart in order to make him undead and control him. The dragon can be set free to his afterlife if we restore the heart to the bones and Seven breathes his dragon breath on it.

We also learned from Seven that his father was the god of dragons and fell during Godfall. When he did, he breathed life into seven dragons, creating Seven and his brothers. It was One who told them their calling was to eradicate all non-dragonkin. Seven believed One was working against their father’s wishes and left the group, which eventually led him to us.

We had no lead on the heart, so we put this aside for now.

Several weeks later, Draven’s entourage arrived. At dinner, Belorin briefed us on the task we now faced. We could enter Kyras’ mind and either open a conduit to his body’s location or destroy his consciousness, killing mind and body both.

We decided to pursue the first option so long as it made sense and posed no further threat to the Federation. The next morning, while Draven’s cohort stood watch with Corvo, Seven, Draven, Belorin, Ronah and I entered Kyras’ mind.

As soon as we manifested in the mind, Belorin was beset by a nightmarish image of himself, holding him prisoner. Some bad memory of Kyras’, it seemed. We were on our own.

Seven’s psionic knowledge led us to the first room, where we faced a memory of Belorin’s old adventuring party, including Kyras. In Kyras’ mind, the four of us were the mind flayers he had fallen prey to years ago – a tragic memory, forever replaying the horrors of the past.

Kyras’ group included a young Belorin, a young Laurelin, the white necromancer we had met in the north, a half-orc barbarian, and Kyras himself, a powerful psionic who swathed himself in some kind of ectoplasmic armor.

Seven and I engaged the barbarian and Kyras directly, while Ronah attempted to lay down covering fire against the casters with her necklace of fireballs. When Draven attempted a heal spell, we met the final member of their party: an archer hidden in a watch tower. Draven retreated behind cover to avoid the hail of arrows, and while I stood my ground, I could not suffer the assaults of both melee attackers, and lost consciousness.

When I came back to my feet, I found that Kyras’ memory had turned a minor image of Draven’s, a mind flayer, into a very real threat that mind controlled Kyras into killing the barbarian. Seven channeled his own pain into Kyras, destroying the memory of the psionic.

The Memory of Belorin escaped with Laurelin, and we finished off the archer. The battle was won.
We soon came to a room of rainbow light, with crazed scribbling on the wall that said all manner of non-sense, except perhaps for one part: “The gods are watching.” – though I cannot remember the rest. We manipulated the memory and came to another room – this one a memory of Kyras’ old lover.

We could not convince him of our pure intent, despite Draven’s seductive advances, but after a short contest we unlocked the final room in Kyras’ mind: a vision of Kyras in the present day, baptizing the corpse of his dead lover in some magical pool. Imagine our surprise when the corpse stirred and rose – alive again!

We knew enough then. A certain peak in the distant east, when the stars were right, held pools that could restore life. We left Kyras’ mind, and Belorin teleported us to our destination.

The peak stood before us, the sky now overcast with a dark storm. The fate of Belorin’s old friend hangs in the balance.


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