Season One: Chapter 6, Conclusion

I sigh for thee; will thou come not back again?

From Sortan’s journal:

At the peak of the mountain was a giant crater, and at the bottom was the stony face a fallen god. Kyras and Narax (still nude) stood on the face. The psion was in his ectoplasmic armor, and he was channeling some kind of electric energy into a sword. He would then strike the face with the sword. We later learned he hoped to break it, but his efforts appeared to be in vain..

Surrounding him were four pillared runes, each attended by hooded priests floating in the air. They spotted us as we approached, and battle was quickly joined.

One of the priests cast a spell to sling a thick web between us and Kyras, blocking any direct approach. Narax came then, furious at what he perceived to be a danger to his lover. As we prepared our own spells and abilities, Belorin fired first, scorching two of the priests with a spell. The priests returned fire with spells of their own, but they effected no real damage.

I came at Narax, hoping to speak sense to him, that he was not corrupted by the obscene method by which he was restored. He seemed to believe I was not here to harm him or Kyras, but his hatred of Belorin clouded his judgment, and he attacked the archmage. It was not until Draven pressed the point that Narax could be convinced to stop. He agreed to stand aside, provided we did not permanently harm Kyras – or worse.

A nearby priest took advantage of our debate to blast Draven and I with a lightning bolt, but I successfully channeled a divine conduit between us to protect him from harm. Draven removed himself to a safe distance, while Belorin hit the priests with yet another spell. Now gravely wounded, one was easily put down by Ronah’s arrows.

All the while, however, skeletons began to rise from the oil surrounding the dead god’s face. Draven, appearing to understand this ritual, quickly used a spell to desecrate the area, preventing any further from rising. A curious spell for our healer to use, but I am familiar enough with the darkness as an ally in the right hands…

Meanwhile, other priests came from the other side of the fallen god, but Draven halted them in their tracks, striking them with fear. One fled the scene shortly thereafter, while two of the other priests went down to Belorin’s lightning spells, and Ronah felled yet another with her arrow.

It was then that Seven noticed one priest approaching with gauntlets that crackled with energy, an observation that would aid us later. Now engaged, he put down his own share of priests and skeletons. The final dropped under Ronah’s barrage.

While Kyras continued his ceaseless efforts to break the god, Seven deciphered that the runes were representations of arcane energy types. While Ronah, Belorin, Seven and Kira disabled the runes, Draven and I stormed atop the face of the god. I prepared to strike Kyras down (if not all the way out), and waited.

Before I could understand what had happened, Kyras’ energy dissipated, and Belorin was suddenly at him, grabbing the sword away. Kyras, enraged, grabbed Belorin by the hip and eye, and with a scream, Belorin’s eye was crushed by the psion. My senses finally caught up to what was happening, and I challenged Kyras to face me instead. He dropped Belorin (whom Seven teleported to safety), and I struck at Kyras, crippling him with a series of righteous blows.

Seven returned from getting Belorin to safety (after falling into the pool of oily blood, which Draven restored him from), and while I threatened Kyras with another, more merciful blow, Seven disabled him outright. The battle was over.

We quickly took Kyras to his campsite, Narax in tow, and Belorin performed the ritual. Kyras returned, his mind whole, but his memories were lost to him – along with those of his love for Narax. I comforted Narax, certain that love would bloom again where it had once before.

Belorin’s broken party was now set right. They might never be the same again, but at least now Kyras could live out the rest of his days in peace and comfort.

Yet our return to Ignotus cut our celebration short, as Flintlocke’s assistant summoned us to his office. There we found a simple box, containing within it a ransom note, summoning me and Rishara, alone, to meet with Flintlocke’s captor. To our horror, we found something else as well – the disembodied hand of Flintlocke himself!


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