Season One: Chapter 3 Conclusion & Chapter 4

The Dark Angel and the White Necromancer

The party destroyed Ezekiel’s wife and learned that she had contracted the disease from a nearby temple. On investigating the temple, the party released some kind of angelic creature without wings. It disappeared without a further thought.

During the fight with the Diseased, Horgar and Seven became infected. To cure them, the party traveled to the distant north, meeting another of Balorin’s companions, Laurelin. She was a white necromancer whose soul was bound to a lich’s phylactery, binding her to the area while also keeping the lich’s soul from being released. She promised them a cure in exchange for helping with a local problem – a group of headcrab-like creatures who had subjugated an aquatic race and were attempting to raise and control an enormous undead dragon’s body. The party successfully defeated the creatures and decided to take the dragon’s bones to their kingdoms for safekeeping, to prevent another obscene force from raising it.


luekeskywalker mikebbetts

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