Season One: Chapter 5 - Conclusion

The Last Darkblood

From the journal of Sortan Melaryn:

We finished off the duergar prince but not before he slew Horgar. The sight of this was enough to shake Thali from her reverie, while I put down the prince. The ulitherid, the illithid leader, warned us of a growing evil in the Darklands, its proof remaining in the Coliseum. Then he fled, teleporting to an unknown place.

In the aftermath, Seven and I struck a bargain with Horgar’s brother. He would be allowed to remain in the city but only by releasing its slaves and entering into a trade agreement with the Federation. He would profit from the trade, and we would gain an ally and bastion in the Darklands, in Nar Voth.

We hatched a plan to rescue the lobotomized slaves by escorting them to our kingdoms, while Belorin teleported them, five at a time, to safety. The plan worked.

In Ignotus, I was able to restore Rishara, along with the other slaves.

We called for a Concillium to announce Horgar’s death and ask for support for the duergar city. There we met the new lord, Draven Shadowmeld, who was granted Horgar’s lands.

From Belorin, we learned that his old psionic friend, Kyras, had his brain stolen by illithid. They took his brain, and many others, in an attempt to create a kind of super-cognizance crystal capable of powering an immense psionic creature. Belorin recovered the brain, and with it he hopes to either find the body of Kyras, who had been given a new brain that fragmented his consciousness, his allies not realizing his original brain was still preserved. We may be able to destroy his consciousness, ending his suffering, or unite his old brain with the new, hopefully restoring him.

We learned, on our return, that Horgar’s kingdom had been attacked by barbarians. During the chaos, the draco-lich’s bones had been stolen. And it was Draven who saved the kingdom, though we do not suspect him of the theft.

Kingdoms Draven lost a hex but stabilized the region. Seven acquired a coastline.


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