Belorin Songsteel

Samsaran Archmage


Owns the kingdom near the sea, has the only naval port in the Federation. (dark blue)


He is the Archmage of the Federation, as well as a philanthropist and adventurer. He has built the Ignotus Library, and has donated much of his own literature to the establishment.

Notes: Used magic to make his entrance at the Concillium feast. Seems arrogant, announced with many titles.

The Lords of the Federation eventually discovered that Belorin kept physical tokens (hair, nails, scales) of each of the Federation’s rulers. Belorin claimed this was to allow him to locate them if the need ever arose.

Season One

His old adventuring companion, Kyras, had his brain stolen by illithids. Though they healed Kyras, his consciousness fractured, and the psion now roams the world with unknown purpose.

While searching for him in the Darklands, Belorin found a cache of preserved brains forming a kind of cognizance crystal, Kyras’ among them. Belorin took the brain, destroyed the cache, and met with the party as they delved into Horgar’s old hometown to save Tali and Rishara. Afterwards, he informed the party of his discovery, and they vowed to help him set things right. After a time, they did.

Season Two

After his partner, Hestia, was killed by One while retrieving the Orb of Lightning, Belorin turned his attention from sending an expeditionary fleet to distant continents to raising an army, and the means to transport it, to defeat One and get vengeance for Hestia. He was an open supporter of this war during the Concillium war council.

Belorin’s fleet carried the armies of the Federation to the Battle of the Isle of the Dreaming Jungle, and Belorin himself dispatched golems to great effect during the battle.

Belorin Songsteel

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