Hestia Myriadd

Human Witch


Hestia is Lord Belorin’s Magister – whether a lover or a comrade, it is unknown. For as long as the Federation has known Belorin, Hestia has been there at his side. She is well versed in the nature of planes and is usually seen communing with her dweomercat cub, Kyanite, or reading up on the many different dimensions.

Recently, she was tasked by Belorin to help the party enter the Astral Plane and complete their quest to close the portals that astral constructs were using to enter their kingdoms. She kept them safe during their travels in the odd plane, and turned the tide of the fight with the swashbuckler Narex. She omitted her orders from Belorin to confirm that it was indeed Narex, and to cut his tether with an astral blade when she had the chance. Understandably, the party was upset and they parted on rocky terms. Regardless, Hestia will always be around to keep Belorin’s interests her own, and ultimately, help those who need it.

Hestia was killed by One during the quest to obtain the Orb of Lightning in the Plane of Air.


Hestia Myriadd

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