Horgar Darkblood

Duergar Barbarian


Micah’s former character


A former companion of the Federation Lords. Though his spirit moved on, his body is now re-animated as a graveknight.


The dark dwarf showed up out seemingly out of nowhere. He and his Svirfneblin companion were certainly an oddity in the brightness of this world. For months they traveled the country, out of place, and often looked upon with fear and uncertainty. It wasn’t until a band of mercenaries, who didn’t care about what a person looked like so much as their skill with a blade, did the name of Horgar become known. Stories of a dwarf with dark skin who ran into battle with nothing but his ax and a kilt, screaming fear into his foes and completely merciless, spread from town to town. After years of combat and making his way through the ranks, Horgar decided that it was time to claim what he called his birthright. Some rumored it was the wish of the dark gnome that was rarely far from him, but as the leader of the mercenary army found out, when Horgar decided on something, it happened regardless of who died. Taking residence in a small town at the foot of the mountains, Horgar lead his army through the plains. His companion acting as a diplomat when she could, and Horgar acting as the hammer when she couldn’t. Within a few years Horgar managed to create a loose republic of the tribes in the plains, and the free towns that dotted his small empire. With his people in check Horgar took his seat at Azamar.

Season One

Horgar was slain by his brother in his Darklands hometown. After the battle, Thali took Horgar’s body to commit it to the fires.

Season Two

The Federation Lords were re-united with Horgar – or at least his body – when they returned to the Darklands to parley with the ghouls outside Azamaraen.

Thali had attempted to forcibly resurrect Horgar, being unable to part with him, but Horgar’s spirit was unwilling to return. The spell nevertheless completed, and Horgar’s corpse was re-animated into a graveknight. The graveknight then began to accompany Thali on her quests.

Horgar Darkblood

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