Kyras was a member of Belorin’s old adventuring party and a powerful psion that protected his companions during battle using his ectoplasmic armor.

It was discovered that Kyras was mind controlled by an illithid, causing him to kill one of his companions, Davor. His brain was then taken by the illithid. Belorin had tried to restore Kyras’ brain, but because of the illithd using Kyras’ brain (among others) as a cognizance crystal, his mind was restored fractured and unstable. This caused Kyras to seek revenge and blindly rage against any of his old companions, including Belorin.

The party and Belorin sought to restore Kyras’ mind by retrieving his original brain from the illithids, and performing a ritual to bring the two minds together.

With his mind fully intact, finally, he is currently remaining in Belorin’s kingdom as he recovers and learns of what had happened over the years. As well as rekindle his relationship with Narex, whom he had forgotten once his mind was restored.


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