She was hired to assassinate Fenrel, Lord Ralothen’s advisor. After being taken into custody and held captive for a month for her crime, Sortan convinced the King and Queen to take her in as his responsibility. She felt she had no where else to go, not wishing to return to the Empire of Rostovia, and so she accepted her new position as Spymaster.

Rishara was captured while in the Darklands with Thali, and became lobotomized. She was restored and recovered in Sortan’s kingdom.

Some time later, Dreshga Lark notified the party that Flintlocke was taken, leaving only a note and disembodied hand. Rishara was specifically asked for, and so she, along with the party, searched for Flintlocke. They encountered an Oprichniki, a member of the secret enforcers of the Rostovian Empire. Before they could get more information out of him, he bites something in his mouth and dies.

Fearing for her allies’ safety, Rishara disappeared from Sortan’s kingdom, further away from the Rostovian Empire and its denizens.


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