Silas Flintlocke

Human Investigator 5/Sleepless Detective 4


The Investigator is known to be a recluse, and lives at the old Jailhouse within the city of Ignotus. The jailhouse is not used for its original purpose anymore, so he’s claimed it as his own.
He’s known for his conspiracy theories and often discounted because of them. Some of the more popular rumours going around say that he believes little grey men live on the moon, and are plotting an invasion of Golarion, and that the disappearance of the bees is their first step of their invasion plot.
He’s usually suspicious, but he’s always searching for the truth, and will do whatever it takes to get it. His services haven’t been called upon in decades, but if there ever were any instances that require someone of his nature, he would be the first they call.

“There are no such thing as coincidences.”
“The truth is out there.”
-Silas Flintlocke

News concerning Silas:
Upon return to the city of Ignotus, the party were met by Dreshga Lark, and were told that Silas Flintlocke seemed to be missing, and asked their help.

Silas Flintlocke

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