Season 2, Finale

The Final Plague and the New Birth


The Second Plague

The Federation Lords landed on the ziggarat, where Two stood, calmly awaiting. Seven diverted his rider to the forest beyond the ziggarat, unsure if Two would negotiate with his hated younger brother. Draven, Sortan and Ronah attempted pallaver, insisting to Two that One meant to sacrifice him to achieve great power. To their surprise, Two was decidely not surprised by this, but in fact knew of this plan all along.

Unable to convince Two for certain, the group summoned Seven. The two brothers, re-united again, spoke of One’s goal. At the last, Seven was able to convince Two of One’s selfishness and treachery, and the Second Plague relented.

Yet One seemed to sense this disobedience, for Two was immediately stricken, his will lost to One’s command. He drew on the Federation Lords, and a short fight ensued, but just as quickly, Seven used his Crown of Dragon’s Command to force Two’s will back on himself. Two warned the others of One’s betrayal then disappeared into the Plane of Nightmares, far from One’s reach.

The warning sent, the lords felt there was no other option but to force a confrontation with One, before he could take time to recover from the loss of Two.

The First Plague

Yet as they approached the center of the crater, they found it sealed behind a great wall of positive energy. Draven found the wall susceptible to negative energy, though not enough to dispel or damage the wall in any meaningful way. He then seized upon an idea, and used a shadow walk spell to carry the party into a realm between the Material and the Shadow. It was enough – they found themselves confronted with a negative energy wall, the inverse of what they saw on the Material Plane. Sortan fished out magical potions to grant everyone protection from evil, and so they were able to force themselves through the wall, as it melted away around them under the spell’s protection.

One awaited them in the center, and as they approached, they heard the distant crumble of the other monuments. Three and Five had succumbed to One’s mental directive to take their lives. He was now all that was left.

The battle was swift but brutal, a terrifying exchange of blows as One wielded his immense power against the Federation Lords. Yet in a moment, as he stood poised to strike out against Seven, he also succumbed – to a hail of arrows from Ronah, filled with Sortan’s smiteful vengeance.

One fell, turning to stone and dust as the others had. And his orb exploded.
From the rubble of the crater, the completed ritual brought forth what the Federation Lords was certain was inevitable: a gigantic, monstrous dragon. Sporting five heads, it began to single-mindedly tear through the jungle, laying waste to everything in its path. It soon became clear that the dragon was terraforming the floating island (now stable) into something suitable to its own ends.

As they fled, the Federation Lords noticed the ziggarats were now gaping open. Curious, they delved inside and found a new horror: hundreds of dragon eggs.
Thinking quickly, they dispatched Ronah to steal one, then fled before the draconic demigod could find them.

Home Again

The Federation’s great fleet began their journey home, Sortan and Ronah among them, while Seven and Draven returned to their kingdoms. Seven took the dragon egg with him, showing it to Dernevier, the dracolich, who told him that the dragon demigod had risen from Seven’s father’s lair. He named the five-headed beast an abomination, but insisted that it could be slain.

Meanwhile, Draven had an orgy.

Landing on the shores of Avistan, Sortan marched his armies home, sending word ahead to call for a Concillium. After taking care of business in his kingdom, he traveled to the Capital. Before the meeting could take place, he met in secret with the king and queen, revealing Draven’s dealings to them while recusing himself of judgment. He instead laid Draven’s actions at the feet of the rulers for them to determine the best course.

Belorin took each lord aside as they came to the Capital, checking in on them and asking for them to meet with him in his kingdom after the Concillium. As well, he told Seven to seek out the mystical city of Sigil, to find the great library there.


The Concillium was short and self-congratulatory, and the heroes of the Federation told the gathered lords and ladies of what transpired on the floating island. Most were convinced that the dragon could be killed, but few knew how to begin with such a quest. The Concillium parted with mixed feelings – relief at the end of the battle, unease at the dragon lurking in their skies – and the army it might unleash.

Afterwards, the Federation Lords gathered with Belorin in his library. There he revealed to them his belief that, like himself, each of the Lords (Draven, Seven, Sortan) were reincarnations. Yet, Belorin said, they were not reincarnations of past mortal beings – but of the gods themselves. Belorin theorized that when the gods fell, they did not die at all, but were reborn.

To prove it, and to learn more, Belorin told them of the Forlorn Mountain, in distant Tian Zia. There, he said, they would find the answers they sought.

The party seemed at once eager to pursue this idea – but were surprised to find one dissenter: Sortan.

Sortan was not to continue with them, the drow said, but rather to sail west. He apologized to Draven for his behavior on the island and encouraged him to continue his path of redemption. But Sortan felt his destiny lie somewhere else – especially if he was the reincarnation of the old god.

And so the fellowship was broken, though the adventure had only just begun.


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